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Key dates and participation

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Key dates


1. Acceptance of applications for participation: until February 10, 2020

2. Decision on acceptance / rejection of the manuscript: within 20 days.

3. Conducting of conferencesи (online format): March 11-12, 2020.

4. Publication of a collection of scientific articles: until September 30, 2020.

5. Indexing in Web of Science (CPCI): 3-4 months from the date of publication.


(а) On request, certificates of acceptance of manuscripts of scientific articles for publication in the collection of scientific articles indexed in Web of Science are issued (CPCI).

(b) All participants will be issued certificates confirming participation in the conference (in electronic format).

(c) The collection of scientific articles is published in electronic format (PDF) and indexed article by article in Web of Science (CPCI).



How to participate


1. Prepare a manuscript of a scientific article, arrange it in accordance with the requirements and template.

2. Register for the conference and send the manuscript for review by filling out an online application on the site.

3. Get a response from the reviewer with the result of reviewing the manuscript of a scientific article by email.

4. Pay a fee for editorial and publishing services (16,800 rubles for participants from Altai State University, 20,200 rubles for others). Bank details will be sent along with a positive response from the reviewer.

5. Take part in the discussion of the materials of the scientific conference posted on the website.(The conference is held online).

6. Get a published collection of scientific articles, as well as confirmation of indexing your article on the Web of Science platform (CPCI).

Publication of conference materials

1. Requirements for publication in the conference proceedings

Proceedings will be published as a results of the conference. Indexing: Web of Science (CPCI), ProQuest, etc. Manuscripts of scholarly articles must be in strict accordance with the requirements (download).

The Organizing Committee accepts those articles for publication that correspond to the conference profile and reflect  results of an independent research (theoretical and experimental). Already published papers or those being sent for publication in another journal/conference proceedings are not accepted.

Each scholarly article should also clearly indicate the problem and purpose of the research, demonstrate research relevance, indicate how well a topic under consideration is researched, as well as have a clearly defined methodology and well discussed results.

In addition, papers should have a strict structure: (1) introduction, (2) literature review, (3) materials and methods (research design), (4) results, (5) discussion, and (6) conslusion.

Review papers are accepted only at the special invitation of the Organizing Committee and the Chief Editor.

A paper template can be downloaded here. Papers must be written in excellent academic English. All papers will be rigorously edited.

The maximum number of authors of one manuscript is no more than four people.

2. Peer review

All papers submitted will be rigorously peer reviewed (using double-blind peer review). Manuscripts

written in weak English   are rejected immediately. All manuscripts accepted for publication are also subject

to mandatory editing by the experts.

3. Additional materials

-  Gary King, Robert O. Keohane, & Sidney Verba, "Designing Social Inquiry: Scientific Inference in  Qualitative Research" >>

- Gary Goertz, "Social Science Concepts A User's Guide" >>

- Keith C. Barton, "Research Methods in Social Studies Education" >>

- "Writing for international journals: tips and techniques" >>

- "How to Write a World-class Paper" >>

- "How to get published in an academic journal: top tips from editors" >>





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