The purpose, objectives and sections

of the conference

Conference purpose is an interdisciplinary view of the world of the frontier - a complex phenomenon of the border region, in which the special laws of the world, human, culture and communication function.


The specificity

of the frontier existence

of cultures

Section 2



processes in the



Section 1


The language

of modern media: problems and prospects

Section 3

The section is devoted to grammatical, stylistic, rhetorical, genre aspects of the functioning

of the language of modern media


Genres and types

of texts in literary and media discourses

Section 4

The discussion focuses on the interplay

of literature and modern media; the role and functions of literary allusions in modern media texts; the problem of intertextuality, intertext links and borrowing



and national codes

of transboundary


Section 5


A human being

in the modern

world: philosophical reflection

Section 9



and literatures

in the multicultural


Section 6

The problems of the Russian, Kazakh, Chinese and Mongolian languages functioning in the transborder area are discussed at the section. The aim of the reports is to structure the model of the multicultural area



practices in the

online space: new opportunities,

prospects and risks

Section 7

The section is devoted to new types of communication in the Internet environment, including the role of social networks and “opinion leaders”; to the emergence of destructive forms due to information and technological capabilities (trolling, fakes, communication zapping, “hanging in networks”); effective communication activities on the Internet; transformation and translation of manipulative practices in an online environment; information security issues.


Modern political

practices: novations and continuity in their


Section 8

The section provides for a comprehensive review

of political practices from the perspective

of transforming political processes, agents and technologies, political communications and discourse, political effects and configuration of political fields, revealing the dynamics and continuity of political development.



in the development

of communication technologies

in modern


Section 10

The section will address the problems of the impact of modern communication technologies

on the development of social processes and institutions; development of the theoretical and methodological foundations of communicative technologies within the framework of the polypadigmal approach.





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